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Dr. Vinh Truong is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners who has a strong passion for early skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. He has practiced skin cancer medicine and surgery since 2016. Through the years, he has gained advanced qualifications in Skin Cancer Medicine, Skin Cancer Surgery and Skin Cancer Dermoscopy.

Dr. Vinh Truong performs excision of skin cancers with the following considerations

  • Appropriate indication and success rate for such procedure.

  • Patient’s concerns

  • Alternative treatments

  • Post operative care for optimal healing and cosmetics.

  • Potential risks, such as bleeding, infection.

He has received many 5-star reviews for his thorough, personal, efficient skin check and excision of skin cancers. 

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Punctual appointment

His average patient wait time this year so far is under 5 minutes. Average skin checks are between 15-20 minutes which includes the following elements

Self risk-assessment

Each skin cancer check starts in the waiting room with patients doing self risks assessment via a concise and specific questionnaire. This is done via patients’ smart devices.

Total body skin examination

with particular attention on patient’s concerned lesions and at-risk skin areas, based on personal history.

Comprehensive Communication

Findings are discussed in detail to ensure full patient’s understanding of the diagnosis and management plan. Communication is key for a good therapeutic relationship.

Digital Records

Dermoscopic photos of suspicious & to-be-excised lesions are stored electronically for future reference and collaboration between doctors.

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